When purchasing a home, a buyer finds themselves making many decisions all at once.  Many home buying decisions are very personal and emotional, while others are very analytical and mathematical. All of these decisions can have permanent implications. 

Because purchasing a home is so personal, it is easy for buyers to become overwhelmed with personal aspects, therefore sometimes paying less attention to the numbers and fine details. 
When buyers choose to consult with David they have the constant assurance of knowing they are free to enjoy the process of selecting their new home.  Many Realtors are great tour guides and maybe great interior design consultants….. David Pearson is a Real Estate Advisor and Transaction Specialist.  
David’s clients have the benefit of knowing when they find their dream home, he is there to advise them on how best to negotiate aggressively and how to structure the transaction financially.  No need to make a call to a bank or mortgage broker--David’s clients have the advantage of having a mortgage expert who is also their Realtor! 

And David will leave the paint colors up to his clients and their interior decorators!


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