What’s more important when purchasing a home???  Is it the price of the home or the rate of the mortgage?  Although some may argue the price of the home, David Pearson would argue both. BUT, many buyers negotiate hard to save a few thousand dollars on their home only to end up structuring their financing in a manor that “gives” hard earned real estate savings back to their lender at the closing table, or over a short period of time in interest.
The lending world is like any other business…. It’s a marketplace.  Brokers, banks and lenders all want your business.  David Pearson is a Mortgage Broker and has access to hundreds of different lenders to shop for the best rates…. But many other brokers can do the same.  David Pearson knows how to structure the financing of your home that fits your needs and goals of owning that piece of property.  Many lenders will only use one lender, no matter the rate for their client….Or many lenders will recommend a particular program that best PAYS them… not the one that fits the borrower’s needs.  David focuses on the big picture of his client’s mortgage needs.  David can council you on not just how to save money at the time of the transaction, but over the life of the loan.  90% of David’s mortgage clients are real estate clients as well.  David’s #1 goal is to see a successful closing for his clients. “I’m a mortgage broker because my real estate clients need money to buy homes,” David often says.  David’s expertise has been acquired over years with one overall focus--Get the transaction closed on time, without surprises at an aggressive rate with competitive pricing.  The mortgage industry is one that changes its rules on a dime, not to mention it’s a market…. Rates change daily, sometimes hourly.  Don’t make the mistake of just shopping RATES…. Shop the PERSON.  You’ll find David Pearson will guide you through the process and advise you with multiple options, and follow through with exceptional service and communication.
When you combine real estate and mortgage services with David, you have the comfort of knowing your mortgage broker and real estate agent will communicate effectively…. Because they are the same person!