While buying a home certainly has an emotional element… selling a home is often a very pressure oriented process. Why is this? Most sellers are selling in order to accomplish another goal. Maybe they are selling their current home in order to purchase their next home. Maybe the seller is getting married or moving to a different town. In some cases, sellers must sell their home for financial reasons, which can seem like a very urgent matter. Selling a home is much more than having a sign in the front yard and an open house on Sunday! David uses all of the latest technology when it comes to marketing his client’s homes. 
  • Professional Photographer
  • Custom Internet Advertising
  • Direct Mailing
  • Networking with other area Realtors
  • Open Houses
While all of these are very important tools, they don’t all require specific skills, and aren’t necessarily what SELLS a home. David is unique from his competition for several reasons. David believes selling a home has to have the right marketing approach, but the most important strategy is pricing, negotiating and positioning TO the market. David finds every subtle thing to set his client’s home apart from the competition. Furthermore, David has an in house financing company to attract buyers as well as to have all the tools available and in place to make it easier for a buyer to say, “Yes… I’ll take it!" 
David can literally approve financing on the spot at his client’s home for a buyer to make an offer.

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